Privacy Policy


Please read the following before you send us any Personal Data.

WCG is required to collect certain information in order to provide financial services and satisfy your needs in customer services from time to time. Such information includes your name, address, email address and possibly details of your holdings and other information for the purposes of credit checks. This information may include your Tax File Number and bank account details, where you choose to provide such details.

The purposes for which data relating to customers may be used are as follows:

the daily operation of the services and credit facilities provided to customers;
conducting credit checks;
assisting other institutions to conduct credit checks;
ensuring ongoing credit worthiness of customers;
designing financial services or related products for customers’ use;
marketing financial services or related products;
determining the amount of indebtedness owed to or by customers;
meeting the requirements to make disclosure under the requirements of any legal and/or regulatory requirements or court orders binding on the Company; and
Purposes relating to any of the above.
Data held by the Company relating to a customer will be kept confidential but the Company may provide such information to the following parties:

Financial institutions (including fund managers, life companies, superannuation trustees and share brokers, etc);
Any agent or third party service provider of WCG
Associated companies to assist in the provision of client services;
Any exchange, entity, agency, regulatory or government body in any jurisdiction if required by law or pursuant to any court orders, rules or regulations to which the Company is subject. In such cases, the Company is usually under a duty of secrecy and will not be able to notify a customer or seek his consent in relation to such release of information.
You should be sure to keep the information which WCG holds about you up-to-date and to notify WCG of any change in any of your personal details, including your address and contact numbers.